Older, Wiser & Wonderful Level 1 & 2

These easy, comprehensive, and fun workouts will help you move better.


The Older, Wiser & Wonderful Workout Level 1 & Level 2 is an exciting, all-new video which is based entirely on the sound principles of Applied Functional Science. Every exercise and stretch is done in the three different directions (sideways, forward and back, and rotating) that we move in during our everyday life. The two different workouts (Level 1 & Level 2) allow you to safely progress at your own pace.

This well-rounded

program includes:

Cardio Warmup: 6 minutes

Cardio: Level 1 - 13 minutes

Cardio: Level 2 - 22 minutes

Strength & Balance: 28 minutes

Stretch: 15 minutes

Equipment needed:

A sturdy chair with no arms

Light-medium weights (2-5 lbs.)

Stream up to 1080p from this website. Access lasts for an unlimited duration.
Gain access to 4 files to download & play in your player of choice.