Older, Wiser & Wonderful Level 3 & 4

If you like Level 1 & 2, you'll love Level 3 & 4


The Older, Wiser and Wonderful Workout Level 3 & Level 4 is considerably more vigorous than the Level 1 & Level 2 workouts, and is also based 100% on the principles of Applied Functional Science. Both workouts will help you to enjoy doing all the things you like to do in your everyday life even more!

This well-rounded

program includes:

Cardio Warmup: 6 minutes

Cardio: Level 3 - 29 minutes

Cardio: Level 4 - 38 minutes

Strength & Balance: 31 minutes

Stretch: 15 minutes

Equipment needed:

A sturdy chair with no arms

Light-medium weights (4-6 lbs.)

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